Mission Statement

The Center for Harm Reduction Training at the New School for Social Research is a collaborative effort to promote the principles of harm reduction in clinical, academic, and community-based settings.  Our hope is to increase awareness about the benefits of providing harm reduction interventions and also participate in research and advocacy efforts that extend to the greater community.

Integrated Harm Reduction Psychotherapy

Our training program is based on the principles of integrative harm reduction, a model of addressing substance misuse and other risky behaviors that has been developed by G.A. Marlatt, PhD, Patt Denning, PhD, and Andrew Tatarsky, PhD, among others. Inherent to this model is an understanding that substance misuse and other risky behaviors are due to a complex interaction of biological, psychological, and social/relational factors. The focus is on providing a compassionate, acceptance-based and non-judgmental environment from which to explore the multiple meanings of the addictive behaviors and to develop a way to “meet the individual where they are” in terms of their unique strengths and motivations for change. This approach supports the development of self-regulation skills to reduce risk and promote positive change.